Buck Brannaman explains the best way to raise a stud so he is polite and respectful.

by Buck Brannaman [wpvideo lj910xWv]
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Most people do not need studs, because they do not have a proper environment, a humane environment for stallions. A humane environment is number one, you're going to get him, where he is a nice horse, and he's responsive, and he's respectful, and he behaves. A young stud should be treated like any other horse. He should go out with a bunch of older geldings, and learn how geldings operate and interact with each other. When he's young enough, that they can get the sign on him, they'll teach him manners. He ought to not be anywhere near a mare, until he has learned to be one of the guys, and behave, and fit in a very nice, neat social structure. Then, if you're going to keep him as a stud, you need to start him and ride him. Then you need to ride him until he's about at the level of my red horse. Then last of all, if he is worth a damn for riding, you could breed some mares. You will have no problem whatsoever handling that horse around mares, breeding mares, doing anything. You will have zero problems. As far as I'm concerned, anything other than that, is inhumane and unfair to the horse. That's a good environment for studs. Anything other than that, I don't want anything to do with it. Most people, if he's a decent stud, he'll make a hell of a lot better gelding. You don't ride a stud any different than you do a mare, or gelding, or anything else. You don't treat them any different. That's the reason studs get bad for people, is they treat them different. They isolate them. They keep him in a stall. You can imagine if the horse could talk, he might say, "What did I do wrong? How come I have to be in here in this prison cell all the time? How come I never get to be around other horses? What did I do?" Well, he didn't do anything, but it's a life of punishment for a horse, just because you chose to keep him a stud. What the hell's the matter with you?
Excerpted from, 7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman Vol 7
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