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Centered Riding Part 1

Centered Riding Part 1

Sally Swift

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Now available on DVD! Sally Swift covers the basic Centered Riding concepts, showing the relationship between the rider and the motion of the horse.
Using vivid, highly imaginative images, plus a thorough knowledge of human and equine anatomy, this revolutionary-now classic-work enables every equestrian to reassess habitual responses, ride in natural positions, and break through frustrating plateaus.
"Indispensable...wonderfully explicit.... A work of truly remarkable originality and ingenuity."-William Steinkraus, author of Reflections on Riding and Jumping.
Makes a great companion to the Sally Swift book of the same title_. Swift is an excellent teacher who holds your attention, both with her unusual voice and superb imagery_. If you enjoyed the book, you_ll love the video!

Pub Date: 2004
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Sally Swift - Centered Riding Vol 1

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