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Early Learning with Robert M Miller, D.V.M.

Early Learning with Robert M Miller, D.V.M.

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The complete training of newborn foal during its imprinting & critical learning periods."" Dr Miller discovered imprint training and started the craze that swept the world.

How would you like to raise a foal that: leads, ties, is calm, friendly, respectful, obedient, and bonded to you? Do your foals accept: grooming, hoof trimming, clipping, veterinary examinations and trailer loading? Are they unafraid of paper, plastic, other animals and strange objects? Are they eager to learn?

With this DVD from Dr. Miller you can achieve all of this. Each procedure takes just minutes to teach during the critical learning times, which occur during the first hours and days of a foal's life. Protect your investment in time, love, and money, by taking advantage of your foal's incredible ability to learn. The time you spend on this training right after foaling will benefit you and your horse for a lifetime!

DVD: 120 minutes Minutes
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