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"Empty Lodge" Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee

"Empty Lodge" Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee

Martin Grelle

11" x 14"
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Everything about this painting says the lodge is deserted. The dead fire, the plaza overgrown with weeds, the abandon vessel, all depict abandonment.  Native Americans took their lodges with them when they relocated.  So we can believe these people fled in haste in the face of a great threat. Did Martin paint this scene as a memorial to Native Americans?  They suffered a sad fate in the modern era?  Those who survived do enjoy all the rights of American citizenship as well as the citizenship of their tribes. But it’s not the life they led for thousands of years, is it?  Like Martin is showing us here, that way of life is over.  These people are no more except in song and in legend and in the hearts of those who admire their many good qualities.

"I thank God for the ability and the opportunities He has given me, and I hope I can continue to grow and learn more with each finished painting. I am honored by everyone who collects my work, and I will always strive to create artwork worthy of their attention, and their investment." - Martin Grelle

This Art Is Offered In Several Editions

This work is offered as a regular print and as a Limited Edition Gigclee.  Both editions are sealed with a special prservative so that they do not need glass.  They will for decades without yellowing or fading.

What is A Giclee?

A Giclee is a special type of reproduction.  It is produced using high-quality inkjet printers that apply special pigments, not just dyes, onto archival-quality paper or canvas.  

Limited Edition

This artist has liminted the distribution of this Giclee to 250 copies.  A great many of those have already sold.  We do have stock now.  But the remaining number may run out at any time.

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