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Horse Speak The Equine-Human Transalation Guide

Horse Speak The Equine-Human Transalation Guide

Sharon Wilsie & Gretchen Vogel

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Conversations with Horses in Their Language. Horse Speak is not a training method or a technique to make you ride better. It is a practical system for "listening" and "talking" to horses in their language instead of expecting them to comprehend ours. Horse Speak can be used by any individual who works with horses, whether riding instructor, colt starter, recreational rider, or avid competitor. It promises improved understanding of what a horse is telling you, as well as providing simple replies you can use to tell him that you "hear" him, you "get it," and you have ideas you want to share with him, too.

With this book, you can learn Horse Speak in 12 easy steps. In addition, get ready to sample dozens of ready made Conversations with your horse, as step-by-step templates and instructional color photographs walk you through the eye-opening process of communicating on a whole new level.

Pub Date: 2016, PB

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