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"Plans Against the Pecunies" Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee

"Plans Against the Pecunies" Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee

Maria D'Angelo

40" x 50"
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These Apache plan an attack against an enemy force.  Since there are only four of them we can conclude that this fight will probably be more of a skirmish than a full blown battle. Nomadic people fought constantly to protect or extend their territory and so conserve or improve their livelihoods.  However, these fights usually did not produce the kind of losses common in warfare today.  Native Americans did not posses modern weapons.  Note in this painting Martin does not show guns.  Native Americans did not even own metal blades, but only weapons of stone, bone and wood. 
Furthermore, Native Americans as a rule maintaned a very low tolerance for casualties.  Pitched battles and attendant casualties did occur.  But were rare.  The tribes needed a full complement of able-bodied men for other vital work including hunting.  Fights usually ended after one side incurred the number of casualties it could accept. 
Limited Edition
Martin has liminted the distribution of this canvas giclee to 150 collectors.  A great many of those have already sold. But the remaining number may run out at any time.  We do have stock now.  But, please realize that we may be unable to fill your order for this giclee in future.

What Is A Musuem Quality Giclcee?

Museum quality giclee’s achieve their special look by using radiant pigments, not ordinary inkjet dyes. And because they print, not on ordinary paper, but on the finest, 330gsm acid free, archival, 100% cotton canvas.  They also require special printers.

These giclee’s last for decades without fading or yellowing. They do not need glass protection.

Maria allows her signature to be displayed only when she is satisfied with the quality of the reproduction.  Toward that end the work includes a Certificate of Authentication.

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