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Poor Richard's Horse Keeper

Poor Richard's Horse Keeper

Susan McBane

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For the working owner, keeping a horse can be problematic for both financial and scheduling reasons. With a lot of emphasis on the well-being of the horse, McBane offers numerous solutions for the well-being of the horse keeper. This book can help the person with a little extra time use that time as effectively as possible for the horse. Topics include all the aspects of good stable management with a list of horse-care and horse-management products that save time and money.

There is advice on scheduling and how to set up a budget for horse expenses. Many of the suggestions are merely common sense ways to save money. Occasionally purchases are recommended which may cost a lot at the outset, but in the long run will pay for themselves.

The idea behind the Poor Richard theme is not only to quote Franklin but to copy his style of short, witty anecdotes that apply to everyday life and appeal to common sense. Franklin also happened to be an accomplished horseman; with numerous "Franklinisms" in the margins, the author pulls out the essentials of each chapter and present them in easy-to-remember one-liners that even the most overworked horse owner is apt to remember when sleepily tucking their horse in for the night. (AH)

This book shows how to change our horse care habits and methods for the better. Topics include: keeping a horse at home, tack, feed, grooming, bedding, parasite control, vet expenses, conditioning and trailering.

Susan, adopting the thrifty spirit of Ben Franklin, presents unique ideas on budgeting time and money, on setting priorities, and doing things efficiently today. Gives you a list of horse care and horse management products that can save time and money.

Paperback - 204 pages
Pub Date: 1993
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