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"Storm On The Plains" High Quality Reproductions

"Storm On The Plains" High Quality Reproductions

Bruce Greene

24" x 32"
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You can't blame them for being afraid.  Mighty storms develop in plains country.  Bolts of lightening, such as Bruce shows us in this painting, look like they were thrown to earth from the hand of a great spirit.  Native Americans believed a huge eagle, called the Thunderbird, flew in the dark clouds. In his talons he clutched thunderbolts which he hurled to the ground to express his awesome power.  These horses don't know that story.  But they surely know the fearsme presence of a mighty storm on the plains.  They gather together to comfort each other.  Wouldn't we? -- PEO

Select From Several Editions

We offer a basic edition in a smaller size on quality paper at a very competitive price.  Alamo Art believes budget shouldn't restrain the enjoyment of art.  We also offer a limited edition fine art giclee in a larger size for those who want a particularly high quality product.

What Is A Giclee?

A giclee is unique type of art reproduction.  It uses superior inkjet printers that apply vibrant pigments onto archival-quality paper or canvas.

Museums accept giclees for their permanent collections.  Giclees last for decades without fading or yellowing. They do not need glass protection.

What Is A Limited Edition?

This artist has limited the distribution of his giclees to a limited number of customers.  A great many of those have already sold.  We do have stock now.  But, please realize that we may be unable to fill your order for a giclee of this title in future.

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