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The Complete Guide to Trick Horse Training DVD Vol 1

The Complete Guide to Trick Horse Training DVD Vol 1

Carole Fletcher

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You'll be able to teach your horse dozens of spectacular tricks. Whether you ride English or Western, own the largest draft horse or the smallest miniature, the simple tricks in Vol One will be easy for you to teach and easy for your horse to learn. Your horse will become brighter, more interesting, and shine with intelligence. Plus, you will develop a bond of trust and communication that will last a lifetime!

First, Carole will show you how to lay a foundation for teaching tricks to your horse, using Patience, Perseverance & Praise (the 3 "P's"). Volume One contains Smiling, and Push or Drunkard's Shove. Next, ou the basics of Trickonometry, such as: Acting Ashamed Put Your Head on my Shoulder, Kissing, Answering "Yes" and "No," Smiling, and Push or Drunkard's Shove, Shake Hands. Next, you'll learn how to impress your friends with your pickpocket horse who knows how to take a hanky from your pocket, and wave "hello". Carole takes you through the most comprehensive and easy to understand course in trick horse training ever to be offered. You and your horse will be the stars of the barn when you perform these entertaining tricks!

In the specialized field of trick horse training, only Carole Fletcher has achieved success as an instructor, entertainer, author and clinician. Beside performing for thousands at expos and on television, she is the author of two best-selling books: "Healed By Horses," and "Trickonometry."

DVD: 90 Minutes
REGION: 1 - Region 1 - North America
Pub Date: 2001
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