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The Complete Guide to Trick Horse Training DVD Vol 2

The Complete Guide to Trick Horse Training DVD Vol 2

Carole Fletcher

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If you have completed the "Trickonometry" in Volume One, you and your horse have become quite a team, and are ready to graduate to the exciting tricks taught in Volume Two. These tricks can be both entertaining and useful, as well as helpful in developing better communications. Now your horse will lean how to drink from a bottle, serve drinks to you and your friends, untie knots when you get in a bind, push a baby carriage or lawn mower, and roll a barrel. He'll learn how to pick up trash and put it in a barrel, remove a blanket, wave a flag, play basketball and spin a rope. All of these will be easy to teach because of the foundation you've laid with Volume One's instruction. All very entertaining and useful! Make your horse happier, smarter, and shine with talent. You'll get more pleasure from your horse than ever before and have the most fun doing it. Tricks will guarantee your horse a place in people's hearts, and even increase his value. People will be astounded at his human-like intelligence. This kind of interaction develops a horse mentally like no other exercise.

Carole Fletcher and her horses have entertained thousands with incredible tricks, and has frequently sold out clinics. Now her six volume “Trickonometry video series has been edited to three DVD’s. With her Masters in Education, and two best-selling books, “Trickonometry” and “Healed By Horses,” Carole is an expert in teaching -- with a big dose of fun! Great for all ages and all breeds of horses.

DVD: 90 Minutes
REGION: 1 - Region 1 - North America
Pub Date: 2001
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