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The Progressive Steps of Foundation Training

The Progressive Steps of Foundation Training

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Looking for a horse training video that is easy to understand, with simple techniques that will work with any horse? Is safety an important concern? Then Al Dunning's comprehensive program, The Progressive Steps of Foundation Training, is the DVD for you!

Al's techniques for starting young horses are well-proven, and there are no mysteries or secrets involved in his methods. What he'll teach you in The Progressive Steps of Foundation Training is the way he starts every young horse at his Almosta Ranch, where horses are being prepared for careers as performance champions. Al takes a filly through her primary education in the round pen learning how to lunge, being driven in long lines, and accepting being sacked-out, saddled, bridled and ridden. Once the filly is calmly walking, trotting, loping, stopping, turning and backing in the round pen, Al rides her in the arena and the desert, showing you how to develop body control and suppling, and create correct leads, progressing to round, smooth circles. Included is a chapter on ""Bitting Up"".

The Progressive Steps of Foundation Training is the most complete and well-produced colt training video available!

1 DVD - 115 Minutes
Pub Date: 1996
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