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The Spirit of the Horse

The Spirit of the Horse

Robert Dawson

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There is something enchanting about horses. Their noble spirits have captivated humankind from our earliest history, and they have been granted an honored place in almost all civilizations. In The Spirit of the Horse, Robert Dawson captures the romantic essence of these remarkable creatures in nearly one hundred stunning images, photographed in some of the most breath-taking locations in America.

From the gentle hills of the southern states, to fertile fields in the Midwest; from the rugged mountains of the Northwest to sun-streaked, southwestern deserts, he captures horses at rest and at play in their most natural settings. Complementing Dawson's photographs are some of the most profound words and delightful observations ever written by horse lovers. For those find themselves under the irresistible spell of this majestic beast, this hook is a treasure.

Robert Dawson's collection of photographs include a fascinating array of people, places and animals; from the native inhabitants of the beautiful Cook and Fiji Islands in the Pacific, to American Indians on reservation lands, to cowboys on horseback in the mountains and prairies of what was once the Old West. His inspiration for the collection in this book came from various assignments all over the country to photo-graph horses for their owners. Dawson has traveled the U.S. extensively in search of prime locations for photographic shoots, much of the time traveling on horseback. He was born in Bellaire, Texas, and now makes his home in Cave Creek, Arizona when not on location.

Pub Date: 2001
Hardcover: 96 pgs
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