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"Yellow Hair" Original + Frame - Midnight Black

"Yellow Hair" Original + Frame - Midnight Black

Maria D'Angelo

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The original "Yellow Hair" by Maria D'Angelo mounted in handcrafted hardwood frame - Midnight 4 3/8" wide. The scopped black finish honors the austere black frames the simple folk of the old West preferred to more ostentatious gold leaf frames found in the East.  The finish is a black layer painted on hard wood with shadows to add depth.  Arrives ready-to-hang including picture hanging hardware.

What About Matts?

We believe Maria's work does not need matts.  However, if you would like a matt, or need to increase the size of the display, we suggest that you select the "No Frame" option and work with your local framer on matt selection.  Keep in mind matts expand the size of the frame and its cost.

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