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Pride of the Vaquero - Original

Pride of the Vaquero - Original

Maria D'Angelo

16" x 12"
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The gear of the vaquero has always fascinated me. It is a functional art form passed down through centuries. From the bridle and bit to the reins and saddle, the traditional vaquero gear is made by hand and is a work of art in and of itself. In this pencil drawing, I feature a close-up of a bridle horse’s face highlighting the details of his sterling adorned bridle, his braided rawhide bosal with a horsehair mecate rope and his sterling silver spade bit. I loved the challenge of capturing each form and texture and hopefully have honored this rich and beautiful tradition. -- Maria D'Angelo

Original. One-of-a-kind, investment quality artwork.  You will own the only copy which will come off the gallery wall and hang on your wall.

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