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"Pride of the Vaquero" Fine Art Giclee

"Pride of the Vaquero" Fine Art Giclee

Maria D'Angelo

16" x 12"
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The gear of the Vaquero has always fascinated me. It is a functional art form passed down through centuries. From the bridle and bit to the reins and saddle, the traditional vaquero gear is made by hand and is a work of art in and of itself. In this pencil drawing, I feature a close-up of a bridle horse’s face highlighting the details of his sterling adorned bridle, his braided rawhide bosal with a horsehair mecate rope and his sterling silver spade bit. I loved the challenge of capturing each form and texture and hopefully have honored this rich and beautiful tradition. -- Maria D'Angelo

What Is A Musuem Quality Giclee?

A museum-quality Giclee is a special type of reproduction.  It is produced using high-quality inkjet printers that apply special pigments, not just dyes, onto archival-quality paper or canvas. The process requires unique equipment operated by specially trained technicians.

Giclees last for decades without fading or yellowing. They do not need glass protection.

Finally, be assured our artists allow their signatures to be displayed only when they are satisfied with the quality of the reproduction.  Toward that end the work includes a Certificate of Authentication.
Limited Edition

This artist has liminted the distribution of this Giclee to 25 copies.  A great many of those have already sold. But the remaining number may run out at any time.  We do have stock now.  But, please realize that we may be unable to fill your order for this Giclee in future.

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