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"Red, White and Blue"

"Red, White and Blue"

Maria D'Angelo

20" x 40"
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The beauty and grace of the horse in motion is the stuff of song and legend.   Here Maria  depicts three horses running alongside one another, their manes blowing in the wind. With a little imagination you can hear these horses' hoofs pounding the ground.  This large work personifies action. 

Large works like this dominate a room.  "Red White Blue" will be the first item any visitor to your room will look at on entering. 

Of course, your selection of art says something about you.  In the case of "Red White Blue" it will say you admire power and beauty.  Are those attributes you value?  This work will express them for you.  And let's not forget one other message this artwork delivers--your love of horses.

Original. One-of-a-kind, investment quality artwork.  Oil on linen. 

A fine art framing is included in the price of the art.

Item# AA020

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