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"Snake River Culture"

"Snake River Culture"

Martin Grelle

24" x 30"
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Native Americans loved to trade with each other and with any strangers who happened by.  Adventurers called, Mountain Men, ventured into the Western wilderness early on.  They were the first people of European ancestry to make contact the Native Americans.  The eastern press circulated their stories.  Inspired by those accounts a few businesspeople went West to seek their fortune trading with the native tribes.   The natives were only too happy to oblige.  Furs were the main items of trade.  The tribal traders had no idea of the value of their furs in New York, London and Paris.  But they were happy to receive in return goods totally outside their ability to product such as steel knives, mirrors, jewelry, axes and more controversially, alcohol and firearms.

A bonus for the Eastern traders was the breath-taking scenery in which the business took place. - PEO

"I thank God for the ability and the opportunities He has given me, and I hope I can continue to grow and learn more with each finished painting. I am honored by everyone who collects my work, and I will always strive to create artwork worthy of their attention, and their investment." - Martin Grelle

This Art Is Offered In Several Editions
This work is offered as a regular print on paper and as a Limited Edition Gigclee on canvas. It comes framed and unframed.

What is A Giclee?
A Giclee is a special type of reproduction.  It uses high-quality inkjet printers that apply special pigments, not just dyes.  

Limited Edition
This artist has liminted the distribution of some of the editions of this Giclee to 150 copies worldwid.

Alamo Art Is An Authorized Gallery
Alamo Art is an authorized Martin Grelle gallery. We purchase directly from Martin Grelle's publisher.  All images are copyrighted by Martin Grelle.

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